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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Aug 30, 2014

Since junior high, Shawn Luchtel and Michael Hunsucker have been together, hunting the heartland, in Missouri.  Now, along with a few other core hunter, they've formed the hunting group known as Heartland Bowhunter.  They have successfully turned a childhood passion into a full time profession, hunting. Their filming...

Aug 23, 2014

The History of Mathews Inc with Joel Maxfield.

In 1992 a new bow company was formed by Matt McPherson called Mathews Inc.

At that time, it was just Matt and Joel Maxfield.  The beginnings of Mathews Inc. was quite humble, a classic American business story.

As with Microsoft, Apple, and many other companies that made...

Aug 16, 2014

Scott Sciarra grew up in Philadelphia.  Despite being from the city, he always loved hunting  in the hills of Pennsylvania with his father.  Scott picked up a bow at age 12, was working at a bow shop by age 14, and was guiding around the world by age 18.

Scott’s passion for hunting continued in college.  Instead of...

Aug 9, 2014

Chipcity Spaulding from Brackett Outdoors is Chris Brackett's right hand man when it comes to putting the show together long after the action is over. Chipcity takes us further behind the scenes of making a popular outdoor television show.

Chip tells us how he landed in the business, how he spends longs hours in front...

Aug 2, 2014

When the deer hunting industry as we know it today was in it's infancy, there were a few visionaries that embraced the cutting edge of the day (cable television) and ran with it.  Jackie Bushman was one of those visionaries.  From a professional tennis career to a professional hunting  television career, Jackie Bushman...