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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Aug 9, 2014

Chipcity Spaulding from Brackett Outdoors is Chris Brackett's right hand man when it comes to putting the show together long after the action is over. Chipcity takes us further behind the scenes of making a popular outdoor television show.

Chip tells us how he landed in the business, how he spends longs hours in front of the computer editing clips and putting together the show. Caffeine and nicotine has become Chip's friend as the editing becomes very demanding of long hours to meet deadlines.

The artist always puts his finishing touches on a piece and just because you give a person a paint brush doesn't mean they can paint a masterpiece. The same goes for video cameras. As Chipcity says, it's about telling a story more than anything.

We learn about equipment, and cool cameras, and just having fun!