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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Aug 16, 2014

Scott Sciarra grew up in Philadelphia.  Despite being from the city, he always loved hunting  in the hills of Pennsylvania with his father.  Scott picked up a bow at age 12, was working at a bow shop by age 14, and was guiding around the world by age 18.

Scott’s passion for hunting continued in college.  Instead of doing the typical college schedule, he took summer and spring courses to allow time for fall hunting.

These days, a bit older, it’s all about just being outside and he appreciates the outdoors more than ever.  It’s not about the kill for Scott. It’s about the experience of simply being outside.

Scott also  works with the QDMA and creates hunts for kids who have lost their parent in combat.

Dusty runs through Scott’s equipment set up and land lease approach.

Scott is a passionate hunter and he shares his life’s story in this interview.


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