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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Aug 23, 2014

The History of Mathews Inc with Joel Maxfield.

In 1992 a new bow company was formed by Matt McPherson called Mathews Inc.

At that time, it was just Matt and Joel Maxfield.  The beginnings of Mathews Inc. was quite humble, a classic American business story.

As with Microsoft, Apple, and many other companies that made it big, Mathews Inc's origins start in a garage.

Yep, just Matt McPherson, Joel Maxfield and an all-American garage in Minnesota.

Neither Matt nor Joel knew that Mathews would make the INC 500 list (twice actually), but they did have a vision and the drive and the talent.

The company has grown to over 450 employees and revolutionized the bow industry.

Joel Maxfield explains how Mathews Inc built a game changer bow, how they got the word out, where they are today, and where they are going tomorrow.

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