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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Oct 27, 2019

John Eberhart joined us last on Episode 209, where we broke down John's tactics and answered questions based on listener curiosities.  This time is a little different. Jay, now with a few saddle hunts under his belt and a first hand account of what it's like, hits John with numerous questions from the novice to the legendary saddling hunting expert. Jay and John engage in many details of saddle hunting overlooked in the first interview.


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Deer News

Here's What We Discuss:

  • The Hunting Public Hunt Contest
  • The Hunting Beast and Jeff Sturgis
  • Greg and Ernie from Tethrd
  • Deer Camp with Heavy Social Media
  • 1981 Anderson Tree Sling
  • 360 Degree Shooting and Tree Blocker
  • Hunting Higher, Modifications
  • 22 Advantages to the Saddle
  • Shooting More Accurately, 3 Point Contact
  • Dad Bod Setup
  • Easy to Change Out Gear
  • Scouting and Prepping, Deer First
  • Scouting in Feb, March, April and 40 Trees
  • Spikes Where Allowed
  • Must have Security Cover 
  • Must have Secure Transition Cover from Bedding
  • Not Afraid to Move, Adapt, Freelance, Improvise
  • Can Never Have Enough Trees Prepped
  • Steps vs Platform
  • Getting Into the Tree, Public Land
  • Cranford Folding Steps
  • Cranford Step Rings
  • Sticks are Cumbersome
  • Aiders
  • Cranford strap Ons and Screw In
  • Getting Up and Down the Tree
  • Closer to the Tree, Stronger Platform
  • It's about Killing Deer
  • You Will Get Pic'd 
  • Keep Body Profile Close to the Tree
  • Leaning Shots, Lean Left (Mostly)
  • Tree is Always Between Hunter and Deer
  • Always Try to Shoot Strong
  • I Wish I Did This 30 Years Ago
  • Subtle Smooth Movement
  • Tree Yoga
  • Tree Stand Companies Hate the Saddle Idea
  • Spring Workshops, Kids and Saddles
  • Never Disconnected, 2020 Will Be Interesting
  • Kill Mode, Killing Bucks
  • Post Season Prep
  • Seasonal Timing Hunts, Apples, Oaks
  • Entry and Exit Routes
  • Shooting Lanes
  • Foliage Down Spring Same as Mid Fall
  • Interior Bedding Area Hunting
  • 35% Midday Buck Kills, Gotta Stay All Day
  • The Right Spot for Midday
  • Differences Between Perimeter Bedding and Bedding
  • In Really Early, Out Late
  • Buck Activity, Is Worthless After Dark
  • Thinking About Work
  • Stick to the Plan or Don't Hunt
  • Never Forget the Failures
  • 20-28 Inch Diameter Trees
  • Memorable Hunt



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This Show was Written, Edited, and Produced by Jason “Jay” Scott Ammann

Deer News Written and Recorded by Jim Keller

Chubby Tines Tip of the Week Written by Dusty Phillips