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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Sep 27, 2014

Be forewarned, this show is on the edge and may put you in your uncomfortable zone!

We go bow hunting down under with Zach Shaggy Slattery a native of Australia. There are many differences in hunting style and species between the US/Canada and Australia, but there are also some striking similarties.

Zach takes us into...

Sep 20, 2014

Larry Weishuhn is a legend in the hunting industry and a true Texas gentleman. Larry shares many hunting tips with on this show. Some of the best tips we've ever heard, especially on rattling!

Chances are that you've seen Larry on television if you've watched any outdoor shows in the last 30 years.  He's the guy with...

Sep 13, 2014

Mineral supplements are a big part of deer management and there many companies out there. We wanted to know more about whitetail mineral supplements so we turned to Dusty Clark from Daybreak Outdoors, the makers of InfRACKtion mineral supplements.

Dusty breaks it all down for us. The dos and don'ts and how to. This is...

Sep 6, 2014

Jim isn't on TV. He's not a hunting celebrity.  But he is a fantastic deer hunter and shot one heck of a good buck.  Jim tells the story of the stolen antler and the story behind Conan the buck (as see in picture).  We get all of Jim's tips and tricks that will help you take your hunt to the next level.

Jim is from...