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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Sep 27, 2014

Be forewarned, this show is on the edge and may put you in your uncomfortable zone!

We go bow hunting down under with Zach Shaggy Slattery a native of Australia. There are many differences in hunting style and species between the US/Canada and Australia, but there are also some striking similarties.

Zach takes us into the Australian bush where he and his mates routinely hunt goat, hogs, and deer.  And, there are other feral species that are wide open for hunting in Australia that we would think as odd, but it's just a standard way of life for the hunter Down Under.  There are so many feral species running wild and of such extreme abundance in Australia that there are no hunting seasons for these feral species. You can hunt all year round.

However, most indigenous species are not hunted, with a few exceptions like Kangaroo.

Goat?  You bet.  Deer?  Ofcourse, many difference species of deer. Hogs? Yes. Camel? Unhuh. Donkey? Yep, and from helicopters. Cats?  No joke.   This show will amaze you. Be prepared for some culture shock!

Shaggy shares all and takes us hunting down under.

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