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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Nov 11, 2017

When I first received an email from Ronnie Strickland, I wasn't sure, but I thought, could this be Ronnie Cuz Strickland sending in fan mail to our podcast?  Turns out it was Cuz.   Cuz has been around the outdoor industry scene for quite some time now.  You may remember the television show Mossy Oak's Hunting the Country back in the 90s.  I was a much a fan of that show back then as Cuz is a fan of this podcast today.  Cuz was one of the first employees of Mossy Oak when he joined the team back in 1987 and worked with Toxey Haas to develop the Media Production Department. Today he serves Mossy Oak as Senior Vice President of Media Services and Cuz still maintains a hands-on, through-the-viewfinder approach to outdoor television production, spending more than 100 days afield each year. He has written several books, was the National Wild Turkey Federation's Communicator of the Year in 2010, and is a lifetime member of the NRA and numerous conservation organizations.

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  • Animals Rights Group Protests Deer Cull Program
  • First Ever CW Deer Case in Montana
  • Deer Gores Unarmed Hunter to Death


  • Hitting the Big Time
  • Pushing the Message, 30 Year Overnight Success
  • Discovering the Podcast, The Primos Crew
  • 16 Hours of the Big Buck Registry
  • Should I be in Social Media
  • Mossy Oak on TNN
  • Jerry McGinnis, The Fishin Hole
  • Selling Squirrel Tales to Mepps, Bar Pitts
  • The Adrenaline Shakes
  • Levi Morgan, Muscle Memory, Form and Drawing the Bow
  • The Moment of Truth Bow Hunt
  • Bowhunting, Not About How Far, But How Close
  • As Lethal as Possible
  • Mr James and Bowhunting Magazine
  • The Why of Hunting
  • The Green Bay Packers and Mossy Oak
  • Turkey Calls from Will Primos
  • Toxey Haas and Bill Sugg, the Mossy Employees
  • Camouflauge as Fashion, The Uniform
  • Stand Hunting, Alternating Stands
  • What's Gonna Move a Deer Out of Its Bed?
  • Barometers and the First Day of High Pressure 30.30
  • The Perfect Storm, The First 3 and the Last 3
  • A Day and a Half After the Cold Front
  • Go Talk to the Deer Processor About The Rut
  • Changing a Scoring Perspective
  • That's One of Those Fake Deer
  • Ain't Nobody Ever Seen a 200" Deer
  • Gear Check, Drawing a Bow in Silence
  • Memorable Deer Hunt and 10 Rapid Fire Questions

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This Show was Written, Edited, and Produced by Jason “Jay” Scott Ammann

Deer News Written and Recorded by Jim Keller

Chubby Tines Tip of the Week Written by Dusty Phillips