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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Feb 14, 2015

ZANY - adjective def: 1. amusingly unconventional and idiosyncratic 

This best describes the classic outdoor hunting cult television show turned production company, better known as Animalhouse Outdoors​ productions.  

Not long ago Carlton Spaulding (aka Chipcity) & Marc Balestreri (aka Lord Crungle) were leading the charge in "never seen before" hunting television, pushing the envelope at every turn.  They ROCKED the outdoor industry. One DVD and a massive guerrilla marketing campaign later, both Chip and Marc have moved their talents to bigger productions.   A little older and wiser now, we caught up with 2 of the original AnimalHouse members to see where they are at today.



  • Late Night Out at the ATA 
  • From Dental Office to Animal House
  • Pellet Shooting Crossbows, Along Came Fitz, and Hunting with the Judge
  • Barber Shops, DVD Promises, & "You GUYS NEED A TV SHOW!"
  • Guerilla Marketing, Stickers, and Flyers
  • Sabotage: One DVD Player at a Time
  • Rivals, Smashing Bottles, Let's Fight!
  • Dirty Underwear, Venison Jerky, Bottle Rockets and Toledo
  • Rap Videos. Deer Hunting, and Sgt. Slaughter Chris Brackett
  • Reno, Tim Burnett, Off The Grid & ALL IN, A NORMAL LIFE LOL
  • Paying the Network, Wolf or Wuf? Will Simmons, Sulfur, & Vaporizing Fitz
  • The Politically Correct Outdoors, Death Threats, & Leaving Your Mark
  • Martin Kresinske, No Money, But We've Got Content
  • We DID IT! NOT
  • Beating the Beaver the Rotten Beaver, and Subliminal Venison Jerky
  • Badlands Film Festival, Golden Moose Awards, & Do Awards Matter?
  • Carlton Crosby, Facebook, and Goverment Spies
  • Filming on a Budget, Editing in a Bedroom.
  • Facebook FACE Recognition and APPLE i6
  • The Chris Brackett Business Card Debacle


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