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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Oct 26, 2013

We speak with Dean Vanier of Northwoods Common Scents and Explore how and when to use deer scents as a deer lure any time of the year. We visit doe urine, buck urine, buck urine with tarsal, and doe in heat- how to use them and when. We discuss in detail the mock scrape, the licking branch, and which lure to use around these set up. We also discuss why the scents work and how to created the best virtual deer you can to get as close as you can. Dean shares some tips on how heated urine can be your friend on a cold day. Jay gives a testimonial on the product that Dean makes and Dusty can't waite to get some samples to Ohio for the big buck season. Call 724-613-2825 to tell your buck hunting story!