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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

May 16, 2015

What do you get when you cross a fashion model, poker tour player, pilot, and double psychology major with a music star?  You get a hunting show called Brotherhood Outdoors TV of course. Makes perfect sense! Traveling so much for hunting that they often aren't sure which state they are in, Julie McQueen and Daniel Lee Martin are the core of Brotherhood Outdoors TV and Backstage and Backroads Production. They are fun loving, hard core hunters that love being role models for the outdoors and putting it all on television.  Yet, they have a serious side and they ARE NOT afraid to make fun of themselves, which means they are down to earth (which we love!) We get down to the roots of hunting with Julie and Dan in this show and find out how they came to find an outdoor lifestyle over everything else.


  • Daddy Bodies
  • Where in the World are Julie and Dan?
  • The Campground and a 23 Hour Drive
  • Ford F-250 and A Giant 3rd Wheel, Look Out Subarus, Home Away from Home
  • A House Somewhere and Never There FLA and OK
  • A Music Story in a Nutshell, Walmart, End Caps and Preparation H
  • A Modeling Life in Europe and the Hunting Industry
  • 1st Lady of ScentLok
  • Psychology, Poker Tours, and a Pilot License
  • Watching Your First Kill
  • Brotherhood Outdoors TV and Backstage Backroads
  • Golf and Business
  • Role Models- Why are they Important
  • Daughters and Julie McQueen, not Jim Shockey
  • No Boundries and Honoring Our Roots, A Colony of Gatherers? Not.
  • Why Women Get More Flack from Anti Hunters and Vegans
  • Hangry, Hungry and Angry... go eat a nugget
  • This is Hunting, No Hollywood, Eating Donuts
  • Julie and Dan's Most Memorable Hunts, Boy and Girl Camo, and Spiritual Hunting
  • Your 1st Buck is Always a Booner
  • Special Guest- Josh Carney
  • Staying Fit, Running through the Campground
  • Fred Bear Archers Bible and Total Outdoorsman's Manual

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