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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Jul 8, 2017

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If you wanted to test out a new kind of face paint that doesn't crack under pressure, meaning is doesn't run or disappear when faced with a severe perspiration situation, where would you go to test it?   For Brian Hardy, Florida was the ideal testing ground because first, it is the perfect environment to sweat, but more importantly, he lives there.  During an scorching mid-west hunt, Brian became fed up with traditional petroleum based, hard to clean up face paint, so he set out with his wife to create a healthy, easy clean up, no-run solution to these face paint problems. And, living in Florida, he conducted  test trials right in his own back yard.  Now, after years of trial and error, you will soon see Hardy Face Paint in some of the largest outdoor sporting good shops on the planet.  While we had Brian's attention, we decided to grill Brian on how to hunt deer in Florida.  We had no idea that you could have a rain out in deer hunting, but at least  now, even if you tried to hunt in the Florida washouts, thanks to Brian, your face paint won't run anymore.

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  • Ray Petering Ousted from Ohio Division of Wildlife
  • Outdoor Channel Star Sentenced for Poaching
  • 4 Great Tips to Protect Summer Seedlings


  • Juniper Florida, It's Busy
  • Exploring Florida Hunting, Florida Registry
  • The QDM, One Buck a Day, Something is Good
  • The Ways of the Swamp, Hunting via Canoe
  • Getting Away from the Crowd
  • A Remington 870 Pump, My First Gun
  • Hardy Face Paint, I Married a Smart Girl,  Walmart
  • Change the Game on Makeup
  • Absorption Rate and Petroleum
  • Smudge Proof, Comes Off Easy
  • Trial and Error, Traditional Facepaint Is Tough to Get Off
  • How to Use Facepaint
  • I Don't Like Face Masks, Giving Back
  • Pink Face Paint, Hunting In Florida
  • 90 Degrees, South, Flat, Below Sea Level
  • Forget Scent Control, Sweat
  • Scouting Florida, Pine Trees Mean High Ground
  • Treestands, Lock It Up, Play the Wind
  • Washouts, and One Good Day
  • Seasons, The Temps, Don't Change Much
  • Mosquitoes, Hydration
  • Successful Hunters Don't Hunt Florida
  • A Memorable Deer Hunt and 10 Rapid Fire Questions 

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This Show was Written, Edited, and Produced by Jason “Jay” Scott Ammann

Deer News Written and Recorded by Jim Keller

Chubby Tines Tip of the Week Written by Dusty Phillips