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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Jan 31, 2015

Standing next to a water cooler at work might be the last place you'd think to scout for new hunting spots. You also might not get super excited when a co-worker says they have 20 acres of 4 wheeler property and you're welcome to it. But for Mike Behrmann, this was a dream come true. 

One thing Mike has learned over the years is that asking access to hunt a property, even if the conversation starts at the company water cooler, is a skill that all hunters should perfect to be successful in the field. In Mike's case, it lead to a buck of a lifetime.

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In this Show You Will Hear:

  • The Detailed Play by Play of the Hunt for the Living Room Buck
  • Why Nobody is Going to Laugh at You on Your First Deer Hunt
  • Dusty's View of hte Ohio Whitetail Deer Herd Population
  • Jay's First Big Buck Autograph & Autograph Tips from Mike Adams- THE Godfather of Outdoor Podcasting, Up North Journal
  • Mike Behrmann's First Big Buck Autograph
  • "Grab a leg, we're bring him in the house..."
  • Down in the Dumps and Inspiration to Hunt 
  • Passion of a Son's Buck
  • Shout Out! Doug Kostreva HBSC
  • Future SHOT SHOW Recap with Jana Waller
  • BBR Rank in iTunes Last Week: #1 Outdoor, #2 Sports and Rec, #98 ALL PODCASTS Period!
  • Weekly Improvements
  • How to Ask Permission to Hunt and When to Back Off
  • The Magic of a Water Cooler for Scouting Big Bucks
  • Why Mike Hunts Thickets
  • Mike's Equipment and Gear Breakdown Checklist
  • Treestand Theft and Vandalism
  • Stealing a Treestand AND a Buck
  • Hunting with a Son and Satisfaction of Having them Shoot First
  • When to Bring a Kid Hunting
  • Memories Created Outdoors VS Watching TV
  • Crying and Closure When a Big Buck Goes Down
  • The Importance of Having Many Spots to Hunt: Pressure Relief
  • How/Why Did The Buck End Up in the Living Room?

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