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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Dec 6, 2014

Jody Beth Walker hunts hard and is PASSIONATE about the outdoors. We break down the complete story and Jody's set up to find out what exactly made her successful on this hunt for a big Kentucky whitetail buck named Medusa.

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  • Are Jay and Dusty brown nosing?
  • Blood in the Big Buck Photo- Yes or No
  • The Gap, AKA No Man's Land, AKA the Faux Kill Zone- REAL?
  • Dusty's Tip of the Week: Grind It Out
  • How Jody plays and works hard...  & Why Jody prefers to hunt alone
  • Jody's Preminition about the Hunt and Listening to Your Gut
  • Picking the Right Rock, Doe in Heat, 2 Week Scent Prep
  • Smoking in the Woods and Hunting the Fresh Stuff
  • The 40' Drop and a Rack as Wide as You Can Reach 
  • The Longest 30 Minutes of Jody's Life at 150 Yards
  • Accepting Friends in Camo on Facebook
  • The God Given High & Will Ego Kill the Kill?
  • Jody's #1 All Time Big Whitetail Deer Hunting Tip


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