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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Nov 29, 2014

As the Big Bucks have fallen this fall, we find some of the best hunters submitting some huge deer. We love this time of year as it gives us an opportunity to reach out to these hunters for some of the best and latest hunting stories of 2014 to learn about how they did it. And who knows, maybe we'll learn a thing or two along the way...

This story caught our attention.  This is the story of the Wide Load Buck with Evan Koons.  It also happens to be Evan's first buck.  Hard to beat!   Want to know how a novice hunter was able to put this all together and what tactics he used to be successful and take down a big buck (perhaps the biggest he'll ever take) only a year into his hunting adventures? Was it beginner's luck? Find out! Tune In By Clicking the Play Button...

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-Evan's Hunting Tips

-How Evan's First Buck was a Monster Buck with a 27" Spread

-Hunting Indiana

-Is Evan Single (from our community questions)

-The "L" Shaped Woods

-GPS Coordinates (Dusty tries once again)

-First Big Buck, First Buck, First Bow Buck (all in one)

-How to Learn Hunting Techniques from Friends

-Evan's Gear Setup: Summit Viper, Realtree Camo, Doe Urine Cover scent, Doe in Heat

-How to Decide on a Spot when you hav limited knowledge

-Hunting the Family's 100 acres

-Play By Play of the Hunt (weather conditions, wind direction, landscape)

-Overcoming the "Numb Legs" Effect Just Before the Shot

-Scoring Predictions and Quick Scoring a Rack Tips


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