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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Nov 22, 2014

Ever bought a carbon suit for deer hunting? We break it all down and get to the bottom of why carbon works in the field to protect your scent against the weary whitetail. And, there's a cheaper alternative to make all your clothes carbon protected.

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Chris Beaber, a chemist from Carbon Synergy, joins us. Carbon Synergy is a scent control company whose main focus is on the affordable use of carbon for hunting whitetail and scent control.

In this Episode of the Big Buck Deer Hunting Podcast, we Explore:

-Why Carbon?

-Carbon at the Molecular Level

-Temperature effective zone for carbon

-Other daily uses for carbon scent control

-Activated Carbon, What is it?

-How carbon eliminates scent

-Can you test scent control effectiveness from a scientific perspective?

-Powder carbon vs Liquid Carbon, what is the difference?

-How to combat the liquid freeze of water based carbon solutions

-Does carbon need to be heated to work correctly?

-Can carbon actually be "reactivated" in a home clothes dryer?

-How to create your own carbon suit for deer hunting for pennies on the dollar

-Is carbon safe for your skin?

-Can you eat carbon?

-Silver VS Gold VS Banking Soda VS Carbon

-Price VS Availability VS Effectiveness 

-How Long Does Carbon Last?

-Proper storage for Carbon


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