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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Nov 1, 2014

Ever walk into a store and find more bottled deer urine on the shelf than you could count? What should you use during the rut? What should you use around a buck scrape? What should you use before the rut? Should you use a call with deer urine? Shout out to NH Firearms Coalition, Bill Lawrence, and Charles Byrum.

The truth is there are times to use those pungent bottled smells, and times not to.

In our first interview with Dean in Episode 18 (CLICK HERE TO LISTEN to #18 ) we covered the basics. 

In This Episode You Will Learn:

-Different Uses for Buck, Doe, Buck with Tarsal, Doe In Heat

-The Importance of the Licking Branch

-Scrapes in August

-PreOrbital and Interdigital Glands and the Practical Application

-Different Strategies for Bow and Gun Using Deer Urine Scents

-Stand Placement

-Mock Scrapes: How To Manipulate Bucks in Your Area

-Recap of the Basics

-REAL HUNT Examples of Drag Rag Applications

-How Much Scent Should I Use?

-Cold Hunting: Using Scents in Unfamiliar Territory Exhibiting Buck Sign

-Mock Scrape Designs and Placements

-Trolling for Whitetail & Planting the Scent Seed

-Peak Rut Scent Strategies

-Freezing Temperature Strategies

-Creating the Virtual Deer Using Scents and Calls



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