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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

May 3, 2014

5 States, 17 Members, 1 Band of Hunters!  Mike Grandstaff and Scott Mclean reveal all about Midwest Game Stalkers Outdoors from inception to the future of the group.

Mike and Scott share all their deer hunting secrets!!!

We discuss all kinds of topics including all of the following:

  • Picking your Prostaff
  • Pushing each other to hunt
  • Who's the best?
  • Checking your ego at the door at deer camp
  • Who has the best beard?
  • Dusty's Head to Toe Gear Check
  • Big Buck Breakdown- Alarm Clock to Harvest
  • Name Your Bucks
  • Eating Turtle!

The Midwest Game Stalkers members include:

Mike Derrickson, Brett Wilhite, Lanny Larson, Scott Mclean, Mike Grandstaff, Steven Steele, Codie Sours, Heath Getty, Charles Derrickson, Floyd Young, Bob Aikman, Dan Phegley, Matt Winger, Cory Dewees, Evan McAnally, Jesse Bainter

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