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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Feb 8, 2014

Hear the story behind Matt Hiatt's big wide Ohio buck, aka Big Frank. Hear all 1000 words behind the picture and how Matt hunted Big Frank, starting several years before the actual harvest.  What prep work went into it?  How did he find the "right" spot?  What was the hunt like, word for word, play by play (in Matt's own words)! Tune in to find out!

Matt Hiatt is from Centerville, Ohio. Here are the measurements on Big Frank:  greatest spread is 33” even with an inside spread of 29 6/8”!  The brow tines are also above average at 10” and 9 4/8”. The final gross score of Matt’s buck is 187” even.

Read Big Game Illustrateds complete story here:

Matt can be found at Matt Hiatt Facebook

Matt is Pro Staff for Bust a Buck Deer Lure, Blackcreek Outdoors, U-Slide Bow Holder, LTL Acorn Outdoors, and True Friends Outdoors.

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