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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Dec 7, 2013

The Extreme Huntress competition is no joke. Go where no man has gone before!  Amanda Lowrey shares all on an insider look into how the Extreme Huntress competition was created, who's running it, what Larry Weishunh is really like and much much more. Amanda is one of the final four competitors.  And, Amanda NEEDS YOUR VOTE!  Visit to Vote for Amanda. You can also see all the episodes of the show on the website too. Jay and Dusty also explore the Idaho whitetail hunting grounds with Amanda, where she grew up and learned to hunt.   Amanda also shares some details about what made her the Extreme Huntress she is today and why she chose to be in the challenge.  Find out a little bit of each of the competitors that didn't make it and how you can be a part of  Extreme Huntress 2015!  Leave us some feedback about this show by calling 724-613-2825