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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Jan 10, 2015

Hunting alone can be rewarding, challenging, and humbling.  You'd think that having your own film crew to film your hunts, if you were making a living at it, would be the way to go. But not for Tim Burnett or Remi Warren.  Tim started the concept of his television show SOLO HUNTER long before the television show even existed. If fact, if it weren't for Tim having filmed a few of his hunts of himself by himself, SOLO HUNTER TV wouldn't exist today. Turns out he needed all of his film work in a pinch (when another show collapsed from failed funding).  And, he's even been on the Joe Rogan Experience Podcast.

Today Tim continues to hunt on his own, film on his own, produce on his own, negotiate contracts with television executives on his own, you get the picture.  Tim is the Solo Hunter and this is his story....

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  • How To Negotiate Television Contracts with Outdoor Television Executives
  • Tim's Trip to Los Angeles to be on The Joe Rogan Experience Podcast
  • Jim Shockey
  • An Unlikely Hunting Mentor
  • The Journey from Amatuer Hunter to Professional
  • How the Best Hunts are Sometimes without a Kill
  • Prepare Yourself for a Mule Deer Hunting
  • Pre-Market Product Testing
  • Safety Tip: Sharing Your Hunting Map with Family Before the Hunt
  • What the SOLO HUNTER Carries in his Pack
  • The Camera, Tripod, Go Pro, and Duct Tape (or electrical tape)
  • Sunrise, Cool Weather, You Are Nature
  • August Mule Deer, Forget October
  • High % Times for Hunting Success
  • The Accidental But Necessary Beginning of SOLO HUNTER TV
  • Not Begging, But Begging - Honestly and the $35,000 Favor
  • Milk in the Cupboard, Children in the Dishwasher
  • Big Deer Little Deer, It's All Good
  • Tim's #1 Hunting and TV Production Tip
  • Can Jay Hire Tim at $150/Hour?
  • It's NOT about the Hunt, it's about What Hunting Can Do for Others
  • 22.50 Mins from 4 Hours

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