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Dec 13, 2014

Jeremy Knight never stops thinking about hunting. He would hunt 24 hours a day, 7 days a week if the regulations allowed. But even when he's not carrying a weapon into the woods during the season, he's still strategizing about his next move. We break down Jeremy's entire strategy on this show and reveal why he had success in the field killing a 190" big Kentucky buck.

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-Play by play, minute by minute details of the hunt

-Jay and Dusty Share Their Cold Weather Setup

-The Element of Luck in Deer Hunting & The Turkey Deer Correlation

-Jeremy's Half Rack First Buck & All Tore Up about Deer Hunting

-Half Rack, Pa-diddle, or Dink?

-The Franklin Kentucky Lifestyle & Hunting 7DAW, 24HAD

-Using the Game Camera for Success

-Knowing an Area Like the Back of Your Hand

-Using the Outdoors to "AIR OUT" and Playing the Wind


-The Year Over Year Funnel and How to Find It

-Walking the Creek- The Advantages of Water Walking

-The Knee Knocking Now or Never Shot for Stickers

-The Faux Gut Shot Tale


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