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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Dec 20, 2014

Let's take a deeper look at deer movement. We always make assumptions based on our own subjective visual studies, and sometimes journal notes, about where deer go. But do we really know? 

Jim Stickles conducted graduate studies on this exact topic as a student of Dr. Karl Miller and Dr. Bob Warren at the University of Georgia. With the help of some very sophisticated deer collars and software, and with the aid of Jeff Schmitz and Big Game Logic, Jim was able to uncover some fascinating facts about deer and deer movement that we didn't really know before. 

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  • Why Is Dusty in Trouble? J J J
  • When will an area will return to normal after some heavy hunting pressure?
  • How Police Reports and The Mail Man Can Increase Your Deer Hunting Odds
  • The Deer Reflector- Attractant or Repelent
  • Moon Phase and Deer Movement- Truth, Fact, or Myth?
  • The Best Game Camera to Acreage Ratio
  • The Deer Biologist's Deer Hunting Strategy Breakdown
  • Why Jim HATES Light Variable Winds and What's the Best Kind of Wind to Hunt
  • Can Hunting Softward Really Help the Novice Hunter?
  • Becoming an Expert on YOUR Hunting Grounds Quickly
  • What Data on Deer Collars can be Collected
  • How Can Deer Movement Studies Relate to the Hunter in the Field
  • What are "Corpuscular Hours" and Why are They Important to the Deer Hunter
  • The Concepts behind Big Game Logic Software 2011
  • The Big Buck Registry Big Game Logic Coupon Code Thru Jan 15 2015 is bigbuckreg1 at
  • QDMA Discussion-  Healthy Herds, NOT Healthy Trophies
  • Why Big Game Logic is Better for Hunters than Scientists
  • The Importance of Capturing Daylight Deer Photos to Increase Hunting Success
  • Food Plot Studies using Big Game Logic & Maximizing Your Scouting Hours


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