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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Apr 4, 2015

A cornerstone of The Sportsman Channel, Scott Leysath has cooked, sliced, diced, and served every type of game you can imagine. Known better as The Sporting Chef, we sat down with Scott to cover some very interesting culinary topics that will point blank make your game dishes better. 

Also on the menu: The #EatWhatYouKill or #FieldtoFork Movement, or whatever you want to call it these days, otherwise know as hunting-killing-eating free range organic meats. This concept is gaining steam as evidenced by the likes of mega-famed podcaster Joe Rogan posing on the cover of Petersen's Hunting Magazine while carrying a hindquarter of a recently killed moose. Which reminds me, there seem to be a bunch of outdoor podcasters making magazine covers lately.

From corned venison, to camp smokers, to over cooking game, to venison jerky, to avoiding "gamey" flavors- Scott shares decades of culinary knowledge with us on this show!

A great episode to tune into if you are eating meat from your hunts!

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  • In This Episode We Discuss:
  • Northern California and Rainfall at 8% of Normal
  • Psychology, Bouncing, and Restaurants
  • Cooking Better at Home (Better than Going Out and Cheaper)
  • Venison from the Freezer, Cut, Butterflied and Whole Tenderloins
  • Short Attention Spans, Jana Waller, a Multiple Guests
  • Redneck Buddy Toffer, Hank Shaw, and Dan Draper
  • Camp Chef Smokers, Not Wanting to Plug In, and Spatchcocking
  • Smoking without Wood in a Seasoned Smoker
  • Savory Deserves at Least a Hint of Smoke
  • Propane vs Traditional vs Pellet Smokers
  • 3 Minute Chemistry and #HuntFishCook #EatWhatYouKill
  • Duck and Liver- Do They Really Tast the Same?
  • Corning Your Own Venison and Different Ways to Cook It
  • "Give them a sandwich and tell them to shut up"
  • Gamey Meat- Myth or Fact, Why?  How to Avoid It
  • Why Deer Taste Different from Different Parts of the Country
  • Why Deer Taste Different Living in the Exact Same Area
  • Young Doe Meat, Aging Venison Meats, and Tenderizing Venison
  • Gamey is for Rancid Meat or Smelly Socks, not for the Natural Flavor of Venison
  • Investigate the Stomach Contents of Your Deer for Hints on How to Cook the Meat
  • Jerky! Wet, Dry, Smoked, Outside or Inside- Just Get It Done
  • Sarah Palin, MeatEater Steve Rinella, and Joe Rogan #EatWhatYouKill
  • Television Business- The Importance of a Great Publicist
  • Hunters ARE NOT Nasty Mean People
  • In Tune with Your Wild Game
  • Recommended Book: AJ McLane - A Tast of the Wild
  • Recommended Tool: A Chef's Knife & the Victor Tenderizor
  • Recommened Tip: Do Not Over Cook!


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