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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

May 9, 2015

We thought we'd mix it up a little this week and talk turkey, seeing that we're right in the midst of turkey season nationwide (yes- we know it's over in parts of the deep South). Don't get us wrong, we're talking deer hunting too, but mostly turkey. We feel that in order to be a good deer hunter you should also strive to be a good turkey hunter, specifically because being in the woods in the spring can hone your woodsman skills and often reveal new deer travel corridors. 

We could think of no better guest for this task than fellow podcaster Andy Gagliano. Andy is the Turkey Hitman (see Twitter Handle) and one of the most talented turkey hunters we know- he's completed multiple Grand Slams. Andy won't admit that he's as good as he is, but we know better. He's also a darn good deer hunter. When Andy isn't turkey hunting you can generally find him interviewing other turkey hunters for his podcast, trying to learn from them to constantly sharpen the mental aspects of the turkey hunt. 


  • A Labor of Love
  • Still a Deer Hunter from Alabama
  • You Shot My Booner! Big Deer with a Gun from Dad
  • The Alabama Blackbelt and Pine Trees
  • Turkey Season from the Nation, South to North
  • Indiana, Ohio, and The Grandslam 3X!
  • The Osceola, Eastern, Merriams, and Rio Grande- Each Act Differently
  • It's Not Plastic and Learning the Hard Way
  • Carrying on the Traditions for Future Generations
  • The 50/50 Rule and Closing the Gap
  • The Natural Order of Toms and Hens
  • Dusty's First Turkey Kill! and His Good Buddy Cliff
  • The Door Slame and Stuck in the Mud- The Drum of a Turkey
  • The Run and Gun vs the Sit and Call
  • A Little Bit Sad
  • Cuz Strickland, Making a Turkey Gobble, Tom Kelley
  • Eddie Salter and Chris Parrish
  • 90% Calling, 10% Other or 90% Other and 10% Calling
  • The Dieing Pig Caller and the Alabama Low Crawl
  • I Am Not a Josh Carney
  • Pick Your Tree, Then Get 5-10 Yards Closer
  • 90% of Success is Being There, Can't Kill a Turkey if You Don't Hunt
  • Best Book: Illumination in the Flatwoods
  • Naked Without:  Turkey Vest


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