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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Mar 7, 2015

VERMILLION COUNTY, INDIANA-  Sometimes, after a hard day's work, all you get is ONE hour. That's it.  You take what you can get.   Richard Swinford caught that last hour of sunlight on a windy November day, threw on his brown Carhartt coveralls, a grey hoodie, and headed to his deer stand on the family farm.  What happened after that is nothing shy of extraordinary. What does a 400+ pound buck look like on the hoof?  Richard Swinford knows for sure.

Hear the whole story of the "Lead Sled" Buck on this Big Buck Registry's Deer Hunting Podcast! 

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  • Hunting in Carhartts and Hoodies
  • 300lbs 222 Inches
  • Hillbilly Weatherman Adam Evans Deer Hunter Shout Out!
  • Twice 6'0 and 172lbs - 18 of 34 Years
  • Protecting the Family Farm and Same Exact Spot as 1997
  • Dibs on 80 Acres, 2 Bucks, a Dirt Circle, and a Hay Field
  • Corn, Soybeans, Hay, and Silage
  • Pumped UP! for the Fall Harvest
  • Corn Stalks, Hard Farm Work, and Hunt NOW OR NEVER!
  • Cow Cattle Cover Scent and Bucks Mingling with Cattle
  • 20 Yard Shots and Never Having to Track a Buck
  • H&R  500 SW Rifle
  • Checking Tomorrow's Weather, 10 Yards, RIGHT THERE and Safety On
  • 2 Minutes from TEXT to ON THE SPOT
  • 100 Feet and the LEAD SLED Drag is "Like Pulling the Front of a Truck"
  • 3 Main Beams and Tipping the Scale
  • Killing a Buck of a Lifetime, Now What? An interesting problem to have
  • Richard's #1 Hunting Tip
  • Deer Yards Closer to Downtown During Record Cold Winters


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