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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Jan 24, 2015

Details, Confidence, and Discipline. These are the BIG THREE for Matt Duff and Jeff Danker when it comes to hunting big deer with the bow. We get into the philosophy of deer hunting, fighting through failures, correcting shooting mistakes and target panic in this show. Matt and Jeff describe what they feel are the most important aspects of hunting and share their #1 Hunting Tip of all time. And, they tell the tales of their most memorable deer hunts yet.

Jeff, Matt, Dusty and Jay Discuss the Following:

  • History, Premise, Origins of Major League Bowhunter
  • The Reality of Bow Hunting
  • Target Panic- What is it? Diagnose it and How to Correct It
  • A Little Help from Michael Waddell
  • Concentrating on the Target without the Arrow
  • The Importance of Muscle Memory in Hunting
  • The Emotion of Hunting
  • Chasing a Specific Deer with a Story
  • Passing Up Good Bucks for Great Big Bucks
  • Shooting, Shooting, Shooting for When the Shot Really Counts
  • Practice Bow Shooting at 100 Yards
  • With Great Shots Comes Great Confidence
  • Getting Confidence Back After You Lose It
  • Killing a 130 Inch Buck VS Killing a Booner
  • 31 Yards or Less
  • When a Buck Get Jittery, What Happens to the Hunter
  • Who's More Stubborn?  Who's the Better Shot?
  • 7 Days Without a Shot and Year Round Shooting 
  • Details, Discipline, Details, and Details
  • 90% of The HUNT
  • Pre Trip Check vs Pre Hunt Check
  • Visualizing the Shot
  • Matt and Jeff's Most Memorable Hunt
  • The Old Farm, a Story from the Heart
  • Matt and Jeff's #1 Hunting Tips

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