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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Mar 24, 2013

Nathan Biggs of Brow Tine Productions shares all his tips and tricks on how to successfully video record your next hunt! Should we use a professional camera or the GoPro?  Big happenings in 2014 for Brow Tine Productions with on the Dish Network! Nathan explains it all. He also looks a lot like Tom Miranda... Nathan visited the ATA Convention where he met up with Jim Shockey (not Eva though) and Byron Ferguson.  Jim and Rita Kruger from send a very special gift to the Big Buck Registry and we share how to turn a photo of your big buck into a one of a kind decal for your truck! Twitter followers Visit Us at or call 724-613-2825 to share feed back or send us and email Shout out to Dusty Phillips! Can't Waite!