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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Mar 28, 2015

For Greg, an online hunting chat room was all it took to plan a Colorado public-land muley hunt. A few online conversations with some like-minded hunters in January lead to a muley bow kill of a lifetime in September. There's a first time for everything. Greg was able to find many hunters from around the country all seeking the same thing: a self guided public land hunt. From a virtual online hunting chat room to a real life hardcore first-time muley mountain hunt, this is Greg's story.

HERE'S What We Discuss:

  • From Minnesota to Colorado- A First Time Muley Hunt, Public, Self Guided
  • An Online Hunting Chat Room
  • Two Birds, One Stone, So to Say
  • January Planning for September Hunting
  • Altitude Sickness and 3 Magic Pills
  • Cardio Training, Hydration, 8000 Ft to 12000
  • Just Another Tourist with New Boots
  • Preparation: Shooting 3x Per Week at 20, 40, 60, 80
  • Water Bladder, GPS, Water Filters, and Game Bags
  • Cutting the Pack in Half, Arrows, Spare Release, and a Phone
  • Testing Your Broadheads *IMPORTANT
  • Dense Timber and Aspen, Learn as You Go, Books, and Locals
  • 50 Miles to Breakin and Side Hillin'
  • Stiff legged Muley Hopping, 2 Extra Seconds, and Not Above 11k
  • Seeing the Bigger Buck First, Leaving Pat in the Dust, Silence in Deer Camp
  • Heading Down the Mountain
  • "He was in the Aspen" a Monster Body with a Big Rack!
  • Tripping and Falling Forward, A Complete Passthrough
  • Blood Everywhere, The Berm and the Pickup
  • "Suck it Trebeck" and Hyperventalation
  • Big Will! 
  • Greg's #1 Hunting Tip- Never say "Flys like a field tip"
  • BIG BIG BIG Annoucement

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