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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Mar 14, 2015

And then there's the Viking Buck. So named recently by our own Dusty Phillips. Chris Jacobson's 2014 Buck is one to remember, not for tall tines but for the incredibly thick main beams! The smallest diameter point is 4.5 inches, near the tip! Makes you want to devise a whole new scoring system for these fat "viking helmet" like racks. Water displacement perhaps? Hear Chris tell the story on this week's Big Buck Deer Hunting Podcast! The fun starts on Saturday!

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  • Shout out to James Keller! Thank you for your Donation!
  • Growing Up and Hunting Minnesota
  • Dad, The Waterfowler
  • Obsession with Deer Hunting and Trial and Error
  • Solving the Puzzle with 5 Properties
  • Using the Lands that Become Available
  • Low Pressure = Big Advantage? Sometimes Not
  • Losing 200 Acres of Prime Hunting Ground, Force to Hunt the Neighbors Land
  • Naming Your Tracks of Land
  • 4,7,10,18,80,90,90  NOT LOTTERY NUMBERS
  • What Means "Potential" Deer Woods?
  • Surrounding Properties and Picking Funnels
  • Landowner Help, Deer Camp, and Hunting Rigs
  • Placing Stands Strategically and Organizing a Parcel with Lots of Hunters
  • Non-Interesting Deer Managment is Almost More Interesting
  • 1 Deer Per Year from 5
  • What's In Your Back Pack?
  • Nose Jammer and The Hunting Grounds
  • Planning a Hunt While Waiting for the Land Sale
  • The Old Wooden Tree Stand and Hunting with Glasses 
  • "Let's postpone the surgery until after deer season"
  • Deer on the Way Home, Buck Follows Doe, Doe Follows Buck
  • Bucks and Catails, Good Enough
  • Landbridges, Crying, and Tweaky Hog Face
  • Chris's #1 Hunting Tip



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