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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Apr 18, 2015

After hunting a double drop tine for 3+ years only to find out that a neighboring hunter shot it before you did, might break most hunters and send them packing for next year. Not Bill Wilson though. Bill stuck it out and because of his persistence; deer hunting Ohio all the way through mid-January, Bill managed to hunt and kill the biggest buck of his life. A buck even bigger than the one he'd been chasing for three seasons. Persistence pays off!


  • Hunting around Akron Ohio
  • Turkey Season is HERE!
  • Looking for Bill, Bill Looking for Us
  • Relocating to a Deer Hotspot Learning to Hunt as an Adult
  • Teaching Yourself to Hunt with Magazines and YouTube
  • Trial and Error and Learning While Hunting with Others
  • The Wind, A Knife, BiNoculars, Own Land=Less Gear
  • ScentLok, Spray Down, RealTree, Two Blade, and Crossbows
  • Marshy Swamp Land and Stained Bucks
  • Less Leaves=Skittish Deer
  • Climbers, Doulbe Ladder Stands, and Buying Property for Home and Hunting
  • 6 Total Acres, Luck, and Animal Tendancies
  • The Heartbreak Buck, Jan 2015, and Target Practice
  • Two Double Drop Tine Bucks, and Writing it Off Unitl Tomorrow
  • Heart Rate, Nervous, Locking Eyes, and Holding Your Breath
  • Making the Move and a Relaxed Buck
  • Red on White, Blood on Snow
  • Buck Knives, Deer and Deer Hunting Magazine
  • The Hop and Spray, Down Hill Drags, and the Double D Buck

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