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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Feb 24, 2018

For some reason central Vermont is home to arguably some of the best deer trackers in country, especially when you throw the Benoit Family into the mix. Rodney Elmer is not exception to this.  I met up with Rodney at a hunting and fishing expo recently and in conversation quickly realized that Rodney was as much into the outdoor way of life as I am.  Rodney is well spoken and can speak intelligently on the hunter's hot topics of today.  But it doesn't end there. Rodney is a steward of the woods, has top notch navigation skills as you might expect, is a professional taxidermist of 32 years, and is the chief hunter's safety instructor and safety officer in Vermont.  Rodney has his finger on the pulse of the hunting community and shares his views through his popular and rising YouTube channel. 

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  • Japan's Female Hunters Take Aim at Stereotypes and Wild Boar
  • Hunting Pastor Using Coyote Caller Fatally Shot 
  • Federal Bill Allocates $45 million to CWD


  • Central Vermont, Barre
  • Daniel Boone, TV was Social Media
  • A Way of Life in Vermont
  • An Early Recollection - Crawling Through the Grass
  • A Terrible Place to Kill Deer
  • I've Educated a Lot of Deer
  • The Central Vermont Trackers
  • A High Percentage of Deer Hunters
  • A Taxidermy Business, Hunter's Safety
  • The Full Time Job Has Got to Go
  • Fallow on the Breast Bone
  • Hunting Could Use a Facelift
  • Begging the Weatherman
  • Rain 3-4 Days Prior to the Season
  • Looking for a Big Track
  • I Love to Walk, Passing on Tracks
  • Seeing 6 Deer Total 
  • A Trophy Stage, Now the Experience
  • The Freedom, Just Go, Just Hunt
  • Doubled My Effectiveness, When the Competitiveness Is Removed
  • Exploration and Navigation
  • A Reversed Polarity
  • Techniques While on the Track
  • Establishing the Pace, When Did the Snow Hit
  • The Terrain, Crossing Winding the Valley
  • Did the Buck Cross the Road
  • Knowing When to Hunt, and When to Follow
  • Green Moss Makes Them Bloat and Chew Cud
  • The Attitude of the Track
  • Memorable Deer Hunt, 10 Rapid Fire


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This Show was Written, Edited, and Produced by Jason “Jay” Scott Ammann

Deer News Written and Recorded by Jim Keller

Chubby Tines Tip of the Week Written by Dusty Phillips