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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Sep 9, 2017

Every hunter dreams of shooting a trophy buck—of looking down on a cool, crisp morning and seeing a massive set of antlers walking below his or her tree. Master Bowhunter Bill Vale’s landmark book brings into perspective the order of survival.  Bill enjoys hunting in areas where the deer are under extreme hunting pressure, like Bill’s hunting area of Calhoun County, Michigan, where there are some of the highest numbers of hunters per square mile than any other place in the country. Bill studies how the solar/lunar forces (perigee and apogee), and the light the moon reflects and governs the movement and instincts of big bucks, and the timing of the rut from year to year. Bill shares with us his  aggressive secrets, tactics, and field-tested strategies that have been proven successful after 35+ years of hunting for pressured big bucks.

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  • Hunters Government at Odds Over Deer Urine
  • Hurricane Harvey Displaces Animals in Texas
  • Public Meeting Set for Bovine Deer TB


  • Battle Creek, Pounding the Michigan Turf
  • It's Not The Deer I Shot, It's Where
  • High Pressure Buck Hunting
  • Using Pressure to Your Advantage
  • The Rhythm of the Woods
  • The Very First Time On Stand Magic
  • Following Big Bucks Backwards
  • Sober for 16 Years
  • Hunt Half as Much, Score Twice as Often
  • Pass In on Pay It Forward, The 12 Masters
  • Color Blind, Tidal Times, The New Moon
  • Apogee and Perigee of the Moon
  • Preparing a Stand During a Rain Shower
  • The J Hook Philosophy, Scent Streams
  • Hunting the High Stand
  • Visualization of Aerials
  • After the Shot, the Path of Least Resistance
  • Step for Step, Trailing a Buck in Snow
  • Scent Control and Lavalin
  • Helium Sticks and Ambushing AM Bucks
  • Analyzing Property and Find the Ambush Site
  • Memorable Deer Story and 10 Rapid Fire Questions


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This Show was Written, Edited, and Produced by Jason “Jay” Scott Ammann

Deer News Written and Recorded by Jim Keller

Chubby Tines Tip of the Week Written by Dusty Phillips