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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Aug 19, 2017

Mia Anstine recently found herself on the cover of Field and Stream and rightfully so,  Mia is an outdoor writer, podcaster, and hunting guide in Colorado.  You'll hear Mia's positivity as we discuss the numerous species and hunting opportunities that Colorado has to offer. Mia loves getting in shape both mentally and physically in preparation for her guided horseback mule deer hunts and explains why waiting  patiently for the right shot will pay huge dividends. She loves the variety of game found in her home state and enjoys intense temperature and weather swings that often appears during hunting season. Mia shares with us how to prepare for all the fun that comes with hunting the big country.  

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  • NSSF Praises NC on Sunday Hunting
  • Wild Game Processor Now Need Free Permit
  • Arizona Man PIcks Up Fawn, Goes to Bar


  • Durango Colorado and a View of New Mexico
  • The Climate Zones and Elevation
  • Getting in Shape, Training, Health and Fitness
  • Living in the City, Moving to the Country
  • Boy Crazy, Buying Every License Available
  • Guiding for Turkey and Mule Deer
  • The Whites of His Eyes
  • Antelope, Elk, Bear, and CWD
  • The Cover of Field and Stream
  • Outdoor Writer, Nut Bucks, Daughter's Help
  • Starting on a Mule Deer Hunt, How To Begin
  • A Guide VS DIY Muleys
  • Multiple Hooves, and Tracking
  • Getting in Shape for Horse Back Riding
  • A Layering System, Bicycle Shorts
  • 19 Degrees in the AM to 90 Degrees in the Afternoon
  • I Love the Dark
  • An Hour to Stalk 100 Yards
  • Wait Til They Stand UP
  • Thermals and Wind Direction and Smokin Clothes
  • Playing Distance Hunting with a Rifle, Resight on Arrival
  • Podcasting and Blogging and Outdoor Writers
  • A Variety of Game and Deer 
  • A Positive Attitude, Coyote Hunting
  • Hunting Everyday, More Guns Than Shoes
  • What's MAC?
  • Memorable Deer Hunt and 10 Rapid Fire Questions


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This Show was Written, Edited, and Produced by Jason “Jay” Scott Ammann

Deer News Written and Recorded by Jim Keller

Chubby Tines Tip of the Week Written by Dusty Phillips