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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Oct 1, 2016

The Finale of an Epic Whitetail Hunt, this is the conclusion of Jared Scheffler's Monster Whitetail Hunt.  Find Part I HERE:

From Part I: Jared Scheffler is one of the best deer hunters we've ever interviewed. His style, which is mostly spot and stalk, on the ground, public land, long bow hunting, has led to some of the most amazing deer hunting footage we've ever seen.  In 2015 Jared took his largest whitetail to date and as the early deer season get into full gear in most parts of the US, we thought this would be a great story to inspire you to get out.  It's an epic tale with lots of twists and turns that Jared masterfully details in his story.  We decided to break it into two parts, so you'll have to wait until next week to hear the finale.  Take lots of notes, Jared lays out some dandy tips in this episode.


ScentLok Enforcer:


Morse's Sporting Goods:


  • Raccoon Hunter Shot While Searching for Dog
  • 78 Year Old WWII Veteran Found - Lost While Deer Hunting
  • Nevada Game Officials Schedule Emergency Mule Deer Hunt
  • When Deer Strike Back


  • Covering the Ground Until We Bump Him
  • Covering Everything in a 2 Mile Radius
  • Maybe We'll Catch a Glimpse of Him
  • Did I Miss Something? Grabbing Straws
  • Many Thing Are Out of Our Control
  • We Weren't 100% Giving Up, But....
  • A Man at a Gas Station - Something Doesn't Feel Quite Right
  • Oh Dear Lord, a Big Buck
  • He's Probably Down in that Crick Bottom
  • The 160 Acre Piece to the North
  • Am I in a Dream?
  • One Lane, 4 Feet Wide, 35 Yards Out
  • The Arrow is Too Late, But Then...
  • 10 Rapid Fire Questions


  • I’ve Never Been a Crack Shot
  • Don’t Get Attached to Any One Spot
  • Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Colorado
  • If it’s Not Hot That Day, Move On- Ground Hunting Adaptability
  • Whitetails Just Aren’t Patternable Consistently
  • Snooking for Whitetails Episode #68
  • Big Buck with Bow vs Gun
  • Why the Longbow? And not a Compound…
  • 4 Seconds vs 8-10 second Reaction Times
  • 180 fps is Slow But I Can Shoot Quickly
  • Longbow Shooting Options
  • Giving Up the Long Range Shots
  • A Kansas Public Land Monster Whitetail
  • The Story Begins in 2012
  • There Stood the Biggest Typical I’d Ever Seen
  • 8" Tall Grass and a Decoy
  • Bow Hunting the Flat Ground 800-900 miles on Gravel
  • Getting a Visual, Don’t Stop the Car within a Half Mile
  • There are Big Deer Here
  • Let’s Figure Out How to Hunt Them
  • My Buddy Chancey, A Buck Run and 5 Miles Later
  • The Grand Caravan, Not the 1988 Econo Conversion VAn
  • Morale at Deer Camp- Up and Down
  • Spray Painting Khakis from Walmart

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This Show was Written, Edited, and Produced by Jason “Jay” Scott Ammann

Deer News Written and Recorded by Jim Keller

Chubby Tines Tip of the Week Written by Dusty Phillips