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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Sep 10, 2016

Sure, having your first baby might change things a bit, but the corn still needs to grow, the fields need to be seeded, the trees need to be cut, and life going any slower than Mach 10 just wouldn't seem normal. That's how Lee and Tiffany, our guests from Episode 050, like it. Tiffany has pulled back just a bit to take care of their son, but both Lee and Tiffany enjoy a fast paced country life.  They say that when they're not on the road, they're home bodies and you'll never find them at a coffee shop (Lee doesn't drink coffee, and doesn't need to). Lee says that all the work is done by September on his endless acreage of farmed prime hunting land.  In fact, Lee is so meticulous about created amazing deer habitat that his neighbors should thank him.   We go deep with Lee and Tiffany on this show and talk everything from parenting, to hunting standing corn, to how to sneak into a field without detection, to hinge cutting trees for habitat, to building watering holes. Get your notebooks out. 


Morse's Sporting Goods


  • Ted Nugent Receives Top Honors
  • Toledo Metro Parks Informs Council of Kills
  • State Law Makers to Add Tracking Numbers to Ammunition
  • 7 Year Prison Sentence Delivered on Hunting Related Shooting


  • Life Has Changed with a Baby
  • The Work is Done Before September: Time to Hunt
  • Gotta Have Everything Ready Mid August (Except for Disasters)
  • Rain, Wheat, 4 Foot Tall Foxtail, Turnips, and Rape
  • 50% of the Staff are On the Call
  • 500 Acres of Row Crop and Deer Feed
  • Another New Thing All the Time, 50 Things and Zero Done
  • I'm Not Happy if I'm Not Going Mach 10 with My Hair on Fire
  • Ground Blinds and Standing Corn Tactics and Techniques
  • Soy Beans and Rotating Crops
  • Making a Rubbing Post in a Vacant Big Field
  • 24/7 365 for 15 Years - Learning and Effort of Deer Management
  • When is Our Anniversary? A Snake Pit
  • Knowing When a Buck Sheds and Which Deer to Shoot
  • Age, Topped Out, 2 Years in a Row
  • Being Rewarded for Your Game Management 
  • Letting Big Deer Walk and Water Sources
  • Self Made Ponds and Pear Trees, Apples Too
  • Fruit Trees and CRP Fields 
  • Hinge Cutting Tree Strategies, YouTube, Google
  • We Don't Go to the Coffee Shop, We're Home Bodies
  • Small Town Gossip and Neighbors
  • Friends Like the Mayor and Game Wardens and Sheriffs
  • Meeting Neighbors at the Iowa Deer Classic 
  • Red Necks from Iowa
  • 10 Rapid Fire Questions

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This Show was Written, Edited, and Produced by Jason “Jay” Scott Ammann

Deer News Written and Recorded by Jim Keller

Chubby Tines Tip of the Week Written by Dusty Phillips