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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Jul 30, 2016

Shane Mahoney is a world renown conservationist, hunter, and outdoorsman.  There may not be another person on the planet that has done more for conservation efforts globally than Shane. Despite his efforts, Shane's opinion about the current state of conservation is not a good.  As he says, you never run out of lessons with conservation and that the animals cannot speak for themselves.  Conservation is a complex equation and carries with it extremely practical applications. Shane shares his opinions on hunting, of all varieties, why hunting should not come with an adjective, and gives us a history lesson about the conservation efforts as we know it today.  


Morse's Sporting Goods


  • Study Reveals 2016 Deer Study Group Results
  • Young Bucks vs Old Bucks: Which are Smarter?
  • Science vs Public Opinion to Develop Deer Management Policy
  • Bow Hunting Recovery Rate, Coyotes Studies, and Do Penned Deer Pay?


  • A Newfoundlander, of Irish Descent 
  • A Beautiful Place - Hunting and Fishing Culture
  • Walking to School - No Buses in a World of Wildlife
  • A Childhood Forever, You Never Run Out of Lessons
  • Does it Ever Get Boring?
  • Nothing Against Humans, But Animals are More Interesting
  • Animals and Hunting Suffocate Daily Stresses
  • The North American Conservation Model 1988
  • Aldo Leopould 1933- Purposful People Gave Rise
  • Pittman Robertson - Most Simply Unique and Democratic
  • Conservation has Become a Practical Business
  • Teddy Roosevelt: They Cannot Speak for Themselves
  • How Are We Going to Paid for the Protection?
  • The Non-Hunter and the Trophy 
  • A Term Corrupted and Unsalvageable
  • Let's Not Use an Adjective to Describe Hunting 
  • High Fence Hunting - A Division Between Hunter and Hunter
  • We Can't Throw All High Fence Hunting in a Bag
  • There Is No Perfect Line, But Extremes are Bad
  • A Memorable Deer Hunting Story
  • Is Conservation in Good Shape?
  • Calculating the Value of Wild Meats
  • 10 Rapid Fire Questions


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This Show was Written, Edited, and Produced by Jason “Jay” Scott Ammann

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