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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Feb 21, 2015

Comedian, hunter, traveler, all-natural master caller of numerous species of game, and outdoor lifestyle ambassador extraordinaire. These are titles that we could use to describe Josh Carney. Perhaps the most distinguishing characteristic of the Son of the South is his unparalleled positive attitude and ability to easily make anyone near him laugh, smile, and observe in aw. 

Josh's story starts with a hurdle that most people may never get over. Josh has a chair with wheels and one with a motorized track, but hardly needs either, despite being paralyzed from the waist down. Some would view his story as tragic, but to Josh it's simply a motivator. 


Josh shares his entire story this Big Buck Podcast!

Here's What We Discuss on This Show:

  • Josh's Worldwide Tour- 16 States
  • Jay the Creeper and the Photobomb
  • Chasing Bigfoot or Big Deer?
  • Getting Rolled Away and the Natural Gift of Voice Calling
  • Coding Twice and the Feeling of Getting Shot
  • Back to the Woods and VOICE ONLY CALLS
  • First Time for Speckle Belly
  • CALLS: Turkey, Speckle Belly, Goose, Mallard, Rabbit, Elk, Wood Duck, Buck Grunt, Owl, Peacock
  • FoxPro Or Carney-Pro
  • Josh Carney- Comedian
  • A Stage Presence
  • Getting Horse adn Hot Tonics
  • A Memorable Deer Hunt
  • Vaples, and Deer Hunting Prep, Fat Christmas Tree
  • Lazy Dog and the Ford F-150 and 6 Trucks in 4 Years
  • Blowing Up Josh's Phone
  • Jay and Dusty Try Their Own Calls
  • Step by Step Call Learning Process and Baaarrk
  • Making Friends with Zoo Animals, Laughing Owls, and GEICO

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