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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Oct 17, 2014

SNOOKING: Verb describing the art of looking and sneaking up on big game (aka spot and stalk). That's what Jared Scheffler and his gang of hunters at Whitetail Adrenaline call it. All public land, all on the ground, and mostly with bow and arrow (Jared uses ONLY a long bow). They get close, real close. Jared shares all the little details with us on this show about how he does it. Want to take your deer hunting abilities to the next level, then listen to this show and apply what you learn. This is perhaps the the shortest 120 minutes you'll ever spent listening to a podcast. It's that informative.

In this Episode You Will Learn About:

-Being in the Whitetails World

-Jared's Most Important Thing

-What is Snooking?

-Gaging the Deer After the Spot

-The Now or Never Strategy

-Relationships VS Whitetail Hunting

-The Whitetail Adrenaline Band of Hunters

-The 7 Yard Shot

-When and Why Jared Decided to Hunt Exclusively from the Ground

-Better Camo or Better Movement?

-The Pro's of NOT Getting Emotionally Attached to a Specific Deer or Area

-Head & Sholder Tatics and the Cat Crouch Approach

-How to Determine a HOT Spot from a COLD Spot Immediately

-You CAN Beat a Deer's Nose

-When to FAST Snook and When to SLOW Snook

-Ground Shot Angle Advantages

-How Close Can you Get?

All This AND Much More...


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