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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Mar 15, 2014


This might be the first ever podcast recorded in a treestand!  Dave Hoffman was always in the woods as a kid, playing outside, building stuff.  Studying the trades, Dave developed his skills as a master builder and turned his skills to log homes.  He's built log homes all over the world.  The Turkish actually love them!   Dave still builds amazing log homes, but he also builds some of the world's most amazing treestands (really more like a house in a tree, or a tree house).  Hands down, these ware the most comfortable treestands on the planet.

We discuss in detail Dave's story and we break down the types of treestands that Dave builds.  These are great for the outfitter.... keeping you clients happy and comfortable.  But they also act as a great treehouse in the off season for kids and a great place to get away for peace of mind.  The treestand fly high!

Here are Dave's Models:

  • The Falcon
  • The Redhawk
  • The Kestrel
  • The Kite
  • The Bald Eagle

Learn all about the World's Most Comfortable Treestand in this show!

Call Dave: Phone: 800-284-6520