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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Feb 15, 2014


Meet Tina Kaine... CEO of Deaux Girls Cosmetics and Beauty Supply - Scent Control/Scent Free hair and body care products for the outdoor woman of Jasper, Texas.  Tina is a hunter first, CEO second, but she wants to look good being both!   

Jay and Dusty are back at it again, digging deep into what make their guests tick.  

In this Episode we answer these questions:

  • What products are in the Deaux Girls product line up?
  • How do they work?
  • What is the direction of the company?
  • How does one become a Deaux Girl?
  • Is there such thing as a Deaxu Guy?
  • How does a busy CEO fit hunting into her busy schedule?
  • What kind of bow does Tina shoot? (turns out she owns multiple, and can shoot with either hand accurately!)


Tina also shared a nice Texas buck with us on the Big Buck Registry Facebook page and Dusty breakdown down the hunt.  Get this- Tina doesn't need an alarm clock to going hunting.  She's just up when it's time! Tina donated the meat to Girls Haven.

Finally, Tina puts Jay and Dusty the test and double dog dares them to test out her products to the test. Will her lotion stand up to Jay's dry New England and can her lotion help Dusty with he salt dried hands?  AND- did Jay and Dusty agree to try her lip gloss too? Tune in to find out!

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