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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Jan 25, 2014

Ever wanted to know how to perfect your venison dishes at home?  We work hard to harvest the deer that we do, and the meat deserves respect! Corey Fletcher, Executive Chef (The Granite Restaurant), Hunter, and Culinary Professor (Southern NH University) shares all his tips and tricks on how to make the best venison dishes possible. And, we do it in a way that covers every possible venison meat group that you can imagine! We asked for the TRUTH about venison, we got it! All in this one episode...

Here are some of the questions that we laid down for Corey to answer (and he answers them all by the way):

  • When does "quality" meat begin?
  • What is unique about venison vs other red meats?
  • What challenges does lean meat pose to an Executive Chef?
  • Does venison really have a gamey taste or does venison just taste like venison?
  • What are the appropiate temperature range to determine doneness?
  • Is freezing venison ok? If so, how should we do it?
  • What does sirloin really mean?
  • What should we do with the shoulder meat?
  • Should we add fat to venison burger?
  • Why are salt and pepper important?
  • Are the venison ribs worth cooking?
  • Why is a coffee grinder your best friend?

We also cover some "how tos"... here's what we cover:

  • How to remove gamy flavors
  • How to make a GREAT venison dry rub
  • How to cook the venison tenderloin the best way
  • How to cook venison burger and venison backstraps
  • How to cook butterflied venison steaks
  • How to make the BEST marinade for venison
  • Make the IDEAL venison burger
  • How to make the PERFECT venison roast
  • How to find the salt "sweet spot"

And... we cover some stuff you never thought off (with a little help from Dusty and Jay)

  • FAT TOM (an acronym you must learn in the kitchen when cooking meat)
  • Homemade Country Fried Venison Steak (Dusty style with some Kentucky Compound Flour Recipes!)
  • Make vension and food taste great without adding cost $$
  • Top round, bottom round- cook them the right way
  • Keep the bones! Some anyway... make stock instead of making bait
  • Cooking deer heart, kidneys, liver, and bone marrow
  • Shank venison- cook right eat right

Lastly, Jay, Dusty, and Corey share some recipes and more...

  • Jay tells some venison jerky recipe ideas (molasses, bacon, smoked maple whisky)
  • Corey's Venison Chili
  • Venison Roulade from tough neck meat
  • Corey's Rules 1. Quality of Meat  2. Cooking Technique   3.Seasoning


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