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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Nov 30, 2013

Ever wonder what the hunter youth is like today! Well, it's in good shape, but down in numbers. We need more youth hunting support to keep the deer hunting tradition alive. We got to speak with Devon (age 11) and Nicole (age 16) who are enjoying some great hunting in Texas. Take this interview a guide on how to get kids involved.  

Then, we get to speak with Tyler, Tristian, and Taylor who quite possibly could have their own hunting show someday. They have the passion to keep it together. We check in with them as they arrive in Tennessee to hunt a few hundred acres.  Find out how they feel about hunting today and what their game plan is for the season.

Finally, another Big Buck Podcast Hunter Highlight! Neal Erdman tells all about his double bow kill!  You might want to take notes...