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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Nov 23, 2013

If you've ever thought about becoming a hunting guide, you might want to listen to this show before you go all in. There's more responsibility than you might think. Tim Moore from Tim Moore outdoors, a New Hampshire Hunting and Fishing Guide, shares all his insights into the world of the hunting guide.

  • How does one become a guide?
  • How does the licensing work? 
  • How does a guide find property to hunt?
  • The hunting guide test...
  • Why do we need a guide? 
  • The Clients... (new hunter, the hunter that's unfamiliar, and the traveler
  • What are the biggest hunting guide challenges?

And then... The Hunter Highlight! With Corey Cole!  Corey shares all about his recent 2013 Missouri whitetail deer hunt, with help from the Big Buck Registry's Big Buck Podcast, specifically Episode 18 Common Scents with Deer Vanier. Find out every little detail of Corey's successful hunt and see if it can help you on your next hunt too!