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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Oct 19, 2013

This show is full of great hunting tips from a master of the woods, Kinion Bankston of Southern Boyz Outdoors TV on the Hunt Channel, Dish Network Channel 266 Thursday 8pm. We learn of the crew: Kinion Bankston, Tanya Bankston, Debbie McDonald, Danny McDonald, Jay McDonald, Leon Stilley, John Bankston, Brad Bankston, Paul LeBlanc, Terry Herring.   Kinion takes use through his most memorable hunt, how Southern Boyz came to be, and where's it's going. We learn about Kinion's #1 Deer Hunting Tip, Spy Point Cameras, Hookins (not scrapes!), the lickin' branch, Kinion's friend Alex Rutledge, The Rut and Drag Rags (how to use them correctly).   Also, Jay and Dusty talk about a show on Netflix that brings Jay home called North Woods Law and how the term "Can't Waite" became a popular saying around the Big Buck Registry.  Shout out to Master Scorer from Buckmasters, Ed Waite! Stay Safe! Call in your story to 724-613-2825!