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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Apr 25, 2015

Meet Kirsten Godfrey, one of the most passionate outdoor personalities we've ever met. Go to any outdoor show and there's a good chance that Kirsten is there rubbing elbows with some of the biggest names in the industry and pitching products that she loves to end buyers. The charm is real, but don't let the photo shoot photos fool you. Kirsten is hardcore. When she's not at a show, you will find her working hard and getting dirty preparing food plots for deer hunting, prepping for a turkey hunt, or casting a line. She doesn't stop engaging in the outdoors, ever. She's our kind of people. We find out what makes Kirsten tick.


  • Having Friends in the Outdoors
  • Always Being Outside and Miniature Herefords
  • Finding the Outdoors When Your Family Isn't
  • Turkey Hunting Is Fun! and Become the Animal
  • Brenda Valentine, Eva Shockey, Chris Hunt, and Badlands
  • Jana Waller and Why Become a Pro Staffer
  • Loving the Product That You Promote
  • Hunt Your Heart Out
  • How does one become a Prostaffer?
  • The Philosophy of Deer Hunting, Growing Deer, Food Plots and Minerals
  • Kentucky Big Deer
  • Developing Relationships with Land Owners
  • Soy Beans, Radishes, Clover,and Alfalfa
  • 30% Sodium, 15% Calcium, with Water Range
  • The Landscape of Central Kentucky
  • Mosquitoes the Size of Chihuahuas
  • Comfortable Camoflauge and Heart Breaker Bucks
  • It's Not Always About The Kill
  • Taylor Drury and Brittney Glaze
  • #1 Hunting Tip, Must Have Field Product, and Gotta Read Magazines

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