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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Aug 6, 2016

Doug Kostreva doesn't get much sleep.  A typical day starts at 4AM and doesn't end until after 9pm.  Doug doesn't mind though. As a multi-generational farmer, Doug never stops thinking about how to make stuff grow better.  If Doug isn't filling an order for a hunter eager to get their food plot off the ground, he's giving someone advice on how to make the best food plot of their life. As Doug says, you want to plant far enough ahead to give your plants maximum growth at the very moment you step into your treestand. This means planting in August to give the deer a buffet of greens to devour in October and November.   Doug takes this stuff seriously and spends hours crafting the next best seed blend combination for various environments.  We pick Doug's brain about everything from choosing a plot site, to weed killer, to fertilizer, to tonnage, to soil testing, nitrogen and much more.


Morse's Sporting Goods


  • Sunday Hunting in Delaware
  • Deer Numbers are on the Rise in Minnesota
  • Hunting Access Program Seeks Landowners in Lower Peninsula Michigan


  • Pound Wisconsin just North of Greenbay
  • Protein Grows Antlers. Period.
  • Rototill and Burn, Killing Weed Seeds
  • Discing the Bejesus Out fo It, Glysudaphate (aka glyphosate)
  • No Nutrients, No Moisture  and Late Season Hunting
  • Soil Testing and Lime - The 3 year Plan
  • Annual and Perennial - Designed to Keep Deer Healthy
  • Building a Restaurant - First Time Plot
  • Weed Kill, Soil Test, Fertilizer
  • Tonnage - They'll Grow Over Your Waist
  • Pre Bud Stage - Highest Protein State
  • Stemmy and Woody- Deer Don't Eat It
  • Deer Follow Deer - Food, Water, Bedding
  • Broadcasting Oats and Turning them Into the Soil
  • What %  of Glyphosate VS Organic Weed Killer
  • Soil Testing - 5 Samples and 5 Inches
  • Germinate and Stall, Acidic Soil vs Perfect Soil pH
  • Nitrogen, Lime, and Can Soil Be too Basic?
  • Feeding Deer VS Attracting Deer
  • Triple 18 or 19, Watch Your Lawn Fertilizers
  • Brassicas - Rapes, Turnips, Collards, Kales, Radish
  • Planting Spring VS Summer - Peak Production
  • Getting in and Out of Your Stand Relative to the Food Plot
  • Peaking in October, When Should we Plant?
  • Minerals, Top 5 Pointers, 10 Rapid Fire Questions


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This Show was Written, Edited, and Produced by Jason “Jay” Scott Ammann

Deer News Written and Recorded by Jim Keller

Chubby Tines Tip of the Week Written by Dusty Phillips