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Great Deer Hunters. Great Stories. Fueled by

Dec 31, 2019

Welcome to the Big Buck Registry's Best Deer Hunting stories of 2019.  On almost every show we ask each guest to share a memorable deer story that's meaningful to them.  At the heart of the Big Buck Registry are the stories of the men and women across the world, from all walks of life, that share a common bond in hunting.  We've always felt that the story was just as important as the rest of the show because it brings everything together.  If the rest of the show is the text book, the story is the example. The story brings the hunt to life. So we decided to go back through each show and put together a compilation of the deer stories told throughout the year and share them collectively.  We'll hear from Ethan FeatherhoffJohn EberhartJohn GliddenBlake GarrettCameran DerefieldJC Hall, and Joe Godar. This is part one.  Stay tuned for part two releasing right after you finish this one!