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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Mar 8, 2014


What really happens behind the scenes at Brackett Outdoors?  Well, we find out in this exclusive and invasive interview with Chipcity Spaulding and Salvo Magro, two of the main forces behind Brackett Outdoors (makers of Arrow Affliction and Fear No Evil).

Here's what we cover:

  • Chewing Copenhagen
  • How Salvo got into the outdoor tv business
  • How Salvo got his nickenames: Blablo and Blackfoot the Barbarian
  • What it's like to get your toes chomped by a gator
  • Chipcity and Animal House, Mr. Serious & Lord Crongle
  • How Chipcity started with Brackett Outdoors
  • Chipcity's underated talent for creating nicknames
  • Body Guards!
  • The Golden Moose Awards
  • Shooting Big Bucks and Tuna Fishing!

What's it like to hunt on the road all the time?  Chipcity and Salvo explain what it's like to move from town to town and try to pattern big whitetails. We talk gator hunting too, the Brackett Bus (not happening), flying under the radar, fish and game tickets, North Woods Law, SECRET PROJECTS, PODCAST???, Blablo's ring tone, Hunt Fish Journal, Carrie Z, when the Boss calls, and we end with a hit recoring of Give Me One Reason, Chipcity and Blablo style!

This is a must listen show!