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Deer Hunters Wanted.  

Jan 12, 2020

As we open up 2020, our 8th Season, and 8 years of podcasting here at the Big Buck Registry, we thought it only appropriate to take one last look at 2019.  If you are a frequent listener of the show, you'll know that in each episode we segment off into the Deer News at the beginning and a good deer hunting story at the end. In the last show of 2019, we put together all the best deer stories told by our guests of 2019, and likewise, we thought we'd take a look at all the best deer news stories of 2019 as well, like a time capsule of events.  We visit with Jim Keller, our news anchor, and with some frequent news story contributors, Tim Donze, Jon Guice, and Dan Appelbaum.  And then, through some consolidation of all the news we featured on the show in 2019, we present a deer news year in review, with all the best deer news stories feature on the podcast in 2019. 

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Here are the Stories from 2019:

  • Bedford County Man Considered Oldest Deer Hunter at 105
  • Disabled 8 Year Old Hunter Has Special Stand Stolen
  • Female Poacher Caught by Game Warden on Dating App
  • Hunters Seek Permission to Hunt Deer in Jamaica 
  • 101 Year Old Grandma Kills 2 Year with 1 Shot
  • Wyoming Man Charged for Poaching 114 Deer and Antelope
  • Pennsylvania's Sunday Hunting Bill 147
  • Crossbow Proposal Causes Stir with Maine Deer Hunters
  • California Looks to Enroll Hunters in Conservation Push
  • Deadly Zombie Deer Disease Could Spread to Humans
  • Tinder Bans Woman Over Hunter Photos
  • Bill Would Allow Land Owners to Sell Permits to Out of State Hunters
  • Former Stuebenville Ohio Officer Sentenced for Poaching
  • New Study Shows Deer Species React Differently to Wolves
  • Road Commission Asks Whomever Is Leaving Deer Bait on Highway to Stop
  • Colorado Parks and Wildlife Crack Down on Illegal Antler Collecting
  • Opening Day Change Is Official for Pennsylvania Deer Hunters
  • Man Fatally Attacked by a Pet Deer
  • Proposal Would Prohibit Shooting Bucks in Buffalo County Wisconsin
  • Man Poaches then Freezes 20 Point Buck
  • Alabama Law Makers Approve Hunting Deer With Bait
  • What Deer Hunters Should Know about the EPA Review of Glyphosate
  • Secretary Bernhardt Proposes Greater Access for Hunting and Fishing
  • Rare Pitch Black Deer Spotted in Michigan
  • Are You Putting Yourself at Risk for Lyme Disease
  • Colorado Rehab Center Running Out of Room for Rescued Fawns
  • Iowa City Turns to Bow Hunters to Manage Deer Herd
  • Colorado Man Receives Lifetime Ban on Hunting and Fishing
  • Limited Deer Feeding Allowed in Delta Flood
  • Deer Hit by Planes at NJ Airports
  • MDC and Missouri Increase Penalties for Poaching
  • DNR Considering Beach Going Deer Tranquilizer
  • No Deer Season in Part of Mississippi? It's Possible
  • Missouri Has New Rules for Deer Carcasses
  • Mule Deer and Whitetails Expand Range into Alaska
  • CDC Warns Hunters about Deer Born Tuberculosis
  • Putnam County Man Faces Charges for Hunting with Improper License
  • Hunter Bags Rare Antlered Doe
  • Possible New World Record - Gunner Womack
  • New Study Sheds Light on Lunar Impact on Whitetail Deer
  • Young Hunter Bags 12 Point Buck on First Hunt
  • Arkansas Deer Hunter Dead After Deer Attacked
  • See a Deer on the Road, Resist Urge to Swerve 
  • West Virginia Hunter Takes Down 17 Point Buck After 6 Years
  • Survey Says Firearms Hunter Leads to Less Violence
  • One in a Million, Three Antlered Deer 
  • Pennsylvania Wildlife Investigating Deer Abuse Video
  • First Time Hunter is 104 Years Old
  • Michigan Hunter Sprayed Brother's Stand with Deer Repellent
  • Iowa Hunting Excursion Gone Wrong
  • Deer Killed in GA After Going Thru Windshield

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This Show was Written, Edited, and Produced by Jason “Jay” Scott Ammann

Deer News Written and Recorded by Jim Keller

Deer New Contributors - Daniel Applebaum, Tim Donze, Jon Guice

Chubby Tines Tip of the Week Written by Dusty Phillips